A Glimpse into the History of Chevrolet

Anybody who has driven a Chevrolet car would have definitely enjoyed driving it. However, do you know the history of this American company? It will be really a fun to learn about how this brand evolved after many generations.

Before you visit Chevy dealer Surprise AZ to book your car, just know a bit about the history of this company in this small write up.

William Durant in 1911 started the original company as Chevrolet Motor Company, who was also founder of the company called General Motors. However, in 1910 he was compelled to leave the company.

So, he partnered with a racecar driver called Louis Chevrolet, and along with him he formed the new company called Chevrolet Motor Company, but in 1915, Louis Chevrolet resigned from the company and sold all his shares to Durant and later died penniless.

The differences between Chevrolet and Durant was regarding the type of car that should be marketed and thus Chevrolet left the company which was a very wrong decision on his part. Had he been associated with the company he would have been one of the richest persons.

By 1916, Durant could make sufficient money from his Chevrolet Motor Company and he bought major shares of General Motors and started controlling the company that he had founded earlier.

By the year 1920, Chevrolet became one of the popular automobile brands and in 1925, they developed Chevrolet Superior, costing just $650. Then the first 6-cylinder engine was developed in 1929.

During the year between 1930s and 1940s lots of innovations were done and many new models with various new features were introduced in the market. First station wagon was introduced in the market in the year 1939.

During the 2nd world war period, in 1940, the company got plenty of orders from U.S. War Department and temporarily reduced production of cars meant for civilians during the war.

During the year of 1950s, it was the time most of the American companies were achieving a great success and Chevrolet too was not an exception to that. Lots of innovation and creativity took place during this period.

During 1953, Chevrolet introduced their Corvette model which was first car with fiberglass body. This car was very popular among the consumers and still today it remains one of the popular choices among the buyers.

Few other innovations like automatic transmissions also took place and America was identified with the Chevrolet.


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