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Like seat belts, air bags, anti-lock brakes, windshield and side windows should also be considered as a part of safety measures. Accordingly, lot of attention is paid to the quality of auto glass by the manufacturers with your safety in mind.

Windshields are highly vulnerable to damage due to poor driving conditions and bad weather can damage your windshield. Damage to the windshield and glass on side and rear windows can be caused due to projectiles like rocks / pebbles on the road, debris or during hail storm.

As and when you notice any damage to your windshield or windows on your vehicle, you must immediately get them repaired. Otherwise, the damage could get worse and spread and make driving much more difficult and unsafe.

The smaller cracks or chips can be easily repaired but when damage spreads you are not left with any option but to replace them. This applies more to the windshield as it should be in perfect condition to facilitate a comfortable drive.

You must install the best and highest quality windshield with clearest optic quality to help reduce eye fatigue, drowsiness, strain and headaches.

Types of glass used in car windows

Usually, auto glass is either laminated or tempered for cars and other vehicles. Basically auto glass designed for the windshield is laminated glass whereas tempered glass is used for front and rear windows.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass has two glass sheets placed together using a PVB (Poly-Vinyl Butyral) sheet between the layers. The fusion of layers under extreme heat creates laminated glass that can break but without causing injury.

When laminated glass breaks, a “spider web” cracking pattern appears on the glass that eliminates the shards from flying off in a collision or heavy impact. Since laminate glass breaks without shattering, it increases passenger safety by eliminating potential injury due to the flying glass.

Tempered Glass

Although rear window and door windows can be created from laminated glass as well, most cars use tempered glass for windows as there is less chance of human impact during a collision. Tempered auto glass is fabricated as a one-ply product created by treatment through a process of rapid heating and cooling.

When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into numerous non-sharp pieces, rather than sharp and dangerous pieces.

Choose expert and reliable Auto Glass Company

There are a myriad of companies dealing in repairs and replacement of auto glass. Whenever you need to get repair or replace windshield or window glasses, you must find an auto glass company that is reliable and cost-effective just like the

Ace Auto Glass is a trustworthy name in the field of auto glass. We have:

·         Professionally trained and certified technicians

·         Largest inventory of original auto glass and equipments for boats, tractors, cranes and motor-bikes etc.

·         Same day service

·         Highest quality “automotive approved” side mirrors

Ace Auto Glass can provide hard to find auto glass for various models of vintage and exotic cars. We are always adequately stocked for Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) Glass i.e. Advanced Glass for cars equipped with advanced features like Lane Departure, Blind Assist, Collision Avoidance, Head up Display or Rain Sensors etc. contact us for any type of automotive glass.

We are a high-quality auto glass replacement service. We offer windshield repair and windshield replacement for all types of vehicles. Auto Glass Replacement Arlington service experts will offer you the best experience!


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