Australia’s Most Popular New Cars

In a big country like Australia, the car is king when it comes to getting around. Australians purchase around a million cars a year, and with that many people buying you can bet the competition is fierce. Luckily, there are many manufacturers to choose from, and there is something for everyone’s unique tastes available on the market, so it’s an especially good time to shop!

Just because there are a lot of great choices now, it doesn’t mean we go out and buy a new car every year, we like automobiles that last. Even so, no matter how durable our ride is, there comes a day when repairing it becomes a lost cause and it’s time to get something new. If that’s where you find yourself, make sure to click here for cash for cars in Sunshine Coast, they will pay you for your old car, and it might be quite a bit more than you expect thanks to their extensive recycling program.

So, now that ‘old reliable’ has been hauled away for scrap, let’s take a look at some of the models that Australians are buying today!

Ford Ranger – Ford is a respected name in auto manufacturing, being the first brand ever mass-produced actually, and the rugged Ranger not only looks tough, it is tough and can handle just about anything the road can throw at you.

Toyota Hilux – This versatile SUV is one of the nation’s top sellers and has been for years, with good reason. It looks just as good plying the city streets as it does barreling down rural roads.

Mazda 3 – A sporty-looking, stylish sedan, this is also one of Australia’s continuing favourites.

Volkswagen Golf – Of course, there had to be a VW on the list, this high-powered contender gets you where you want to go fast, and in comfort!

Subaru Forester – This model has the advantage of all-wheel-drive, rugged toughness, and has earned a great reputation for reliability. It looks great, too!

Mitsubishi ASX – Another stand-out Japanese-made car, the ‘three horseflies’ brand began by making fighter plane engines, and has continued that excellence in design throughout the decades.

BMW 3 Series – Posh interior, handsome exterior, and an engine that just won’t quit, everybody loves to ride in one, but just wait till you drive it!

Tesla Model 3 – This one’s presence on the list might be a bit surprising, but the brand’s silent running and economic green power source make it a real winner!

Porsche Macan – Yes, good old Ferdinand would beam with pride to see the brand he founded still going strong in the 21st Century! In any case, I will bet he never considered one of his best new makes would be something we call an SUV, but I think he would approve. It’s a fabulous ride and defines modern luxury, the old man would be proud.

Have fun choosing your fabulous new car, and hit the road!!


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