Why You Should Pick Hawse Fairlead Over Roller Fairlead?


Though not an important part like the winch line, the benefits offered by the fairlead on a winch have made it an integral part of the winch set-up. So you are not left with any other option than using a fairlead. However, it comes in different types, functions, and performances, so choosing the right one is important. Usually, off-roaders are confused between hawse fairlead vs roller fairlead, and this blog here is all set to clear this confusion. 

What is a hawse fairlead?

The hawse fairlead is an aluminum-made single-piece accessory, with which, the highly popular synthetic winch rope is compatible.  It has a hole in the middle through which the winch rope can pass easily. As aluminum is a lighter and softer metal compared to steel, it won’t eat the rope material, ensuring complete safety. It is better to avoid steel cables with aluminum fairlead as it can chew it up, leading to decay over time. 

What is a roller fairlead?

Though traditional, steel is still the most widely used material for fairlead. But it is not made up of a single piece like aluminum fairlead. It is a frame made of four steel rollers structured into a rectangular passage, hence the name roller fairlead. The cable can very well pass through the passage as it is wide and rectangular. Also, it has four moving rollers unlike the aluminum one, in which moving parts are absent.

How do both stand different?

The basic difference lies in the material they are made of, and the shape and structure they are turned into. Both of them have different functions and their performance and convenience vary greatly.

  • Material- The roller fairleads are commonly made up of steel while aluminum is the material for hawse pieces.
  • Shape- There is a rectangular passage in the roller fairlead, which allows the string to easily glide through. The hawse ones come with a narrower circular opening.
  • Constitute- The hawse fairlead is made of a single-piece bolt mounted on the surface while the roller pieces have four tubular rollers that meet with a pin.
  • Weight- Hawse fairleads are far lesser in weight as compared to roller fairleads.

Based on the convenience, it is ideal to choose hawse fairlead for increased longevity. However, both types have their pros and cons, and decisions should be made solely based on the functionality you are looking for.


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