3 Easy Steps to Help You Arrange an Auto Transport for Your Vehicle

There may be many occasions, like a job change, shifting home, long holiday plans, and participating in a car show, when you want to ship your luxurious car to the desired location. It is the easiest and safest way to get your vehicle delivered at your new destination.

Surely, Easy!

The mantra is to know the right way to make arrangements for the best shipping for your car.

How to find a trusted shipping company to plan your vehicle shipment?

You can find a lot of shippers online with low to high shipping rates. You must select the shipping company that is licensed and authorized by the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You can visit the website of the FMCSA to verify the shipper’s license, service, and insurance policies.

The Better Business Bureau can provide you the service ratings of your shipper. You get an insight look into their abilities and existing customers’ reviews for a better understanding of their service.

Ship a Car, Inc in Florida, U.S.A., has been tagged for 30 years as the reliable and reputed service provider among the Los Angeles auto transport companies. The wide network of shipping carriers across the U.S.A. has helped them to serve individuals and commercial shipments and transportation requirements. They provide zero deductibility coverage, 24*7 expert assistance online, open/closed carriers, and much more.

If you have completed your research to find some trustworthy shippers, you can follow the below steps to proceed in your planning:

  1. Get quotations from all the selected shippers. You need several quotations to compare for better outcomes.
  2. Compare price, insurance policies, and other terms and conditions to select a preferred shipper.
  3. Plan your travel date before booking your vehicle shipment. You must reach the destination before your vehicle to take delivery and perform a final inspection.
  4. Once you are done with these activities, call the lucky shipper for bookings.
  5. Do not make any advance payments.

How to book your shipment?

This stage of planning involves a lot of care and safety measures. Cautious and safe planning will assist your shipper in delivering your vehicle safely on time.

  1. Before booking and signing the contract, read all the terms and conditions properly.
  2. On finalization of the deal, get to know the pick-up date and time from the shipper. Also, ask the details of the assigned transport coordinator.
  3. Prepare your vehicle for shipment. Thoroughly clean the dust and dirt off your car, and remove all personal and electronic items from the car. Properly check for the tires are fully inflated and there is no oil leakage in your car tank. Take clear pictures of your car.
  4. Mention any pre-shipment damages, if present, and other conditions on the inspection report. Get the acknowledgment copy from the driver.

What you need to do before taking the final delivery?

Before the arrival of your vehicle at your destination, you must be ready with the final settlement money.

You must precisely inspect your car for any damages that may have to occur during the shipment. If any, take a picture and mention the same in the inspection report and the bill of lading. It will help you to claim insurance.


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