Winter Driving Tips

On December 21st at precisely 7:42 A.M. EST, the sun’s sun rays will strike among the two tropical latitude lines, and therefore winter will formally begin for that Northern Hemisphere. This may also be the state start of “winter driving” for that countless truck motorists across our country. This can be a time whenever your ability to drive could be offer the best test, specifically for the within the road truck driver.

For that lucky motorists focused on running the southern states, etc., winter won’t create a lot of problems. Individuals lengthy haulers running all 48 states and finding themselves within the northern region, Colonial states and beyond . . . they are fully aware they’re set for a trip!

For a long time I ran all 48 states plus areas of Canada and located myself fighting freezing rain, snow and ice more often than not. Within the Midwest, you’ll do fight using the ice and snow and also the howling winds that may toss your rig around just like a rag toy. I’ve come across a lot of rigs laid over on their own sides or just stuck within the wintery conditions, not able to maneuver. Besides this being a really frustrating time, but it is also a deadly one whenever we fail to help make the right choices.

Truck motorists must prepare accordingly for that winter driving period. Here are a few winter driving tips that not simply will get this to season much more comfortable, but tend to finish up saving your existence:

Have your rig “winterized” with a professional specialist.

Have a couple of gallons of the fuel treatment product to avoid the diesel from gelling.

Carry extra blankets……..enough to help keep the cold out in situation you receive stranded.

Have a way to obtain “energy food” for example energy bars, etc., and water.

Keep your fuel tanks as full as you possibly can, especially before crossing a mountain pass or similar object.

Allow extra distance between your vehicles in front of you.

SLOW Lower. Adjust your speed appropriatley for that road conditions.

Look into the weather forecast in front of you Before you decide to mind out.

Stay away from cruise control.

Plan In Advance. Know where truck stops are in front of for your planned trip, so that you can result in the appropriate stop if the weather turn terrible.

When the occasions comes where tire chains are essential……..Quit!

Getting the best equipment and supplies could make the main difference between existence and dying. Should you are stranded along the side of the street in -30 degree temperatures, you’ll uncover that whether or not the rig keeps running, hardly any heat, or no, will fly out! It is crucial to hold extra blankets and water and food. Keep your rig in tip-top condition by taking extra safeguards, you are able to survive a hard situation.

The easiest method to prevent being caught inside a existence and dying situation during wintertime time, is getting the best condition of mind for making a tight schedule-NO-GO decision. Even when other motorists are venturing out with what for you, appears like an awful idea . . . then stick to your


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