Which Ute Tray Shall I Buy?

Are you the type of person who loves exploring the Outback with your friends? Do you like nothing better than spending time in nature, using your beloved ute as a home away from home? Are you a ute owner looking to outfit your vehicle with a ute tray to carry your equipment into the harsh driving conditions of the bush? Read on to find out about the differences between steel and aluminium ute trays.

Which Type Of Ute Tray do I Need?

When deciding which type of ute tray to purchase, the first decision is often whether to buy steel or aluminium. For someone looking to explore the outback and spend days at a time living in the bush, weight should be a considering factor.

As aluminium is so much lighter than steel, maybe this is the ideal choice for your ute tray.

Single or Dual Cab Ute Tray

Another important factor to consider is whether your ute has a single or dual cab as this will affect the size and style of the ute tray you buy. A dual cab alloy tray will be smaller, as dual-cab utes have back seats which allow less space for the tray. A single, smaller cab means the ute tray can be larger, as less space is taken up by the cab. Single cab utes do not have rear seats, which allows for a greater area to be used by the tray.

Steel or Aluminium Ute Tray?

Are you are a tradesman or farmer looking for a ute tray. Consider that steel is magnetic and aluminium is not. This may affect your decision to choose steel or aluminium, depending on if magnetism is helpful or dangerous for your trade.

Safe Ute Trays in Australia

Safety is a very important factor. Steel can give off a spark in certain circumstances, such as when it is banged up against certain substances. If you are the type of business that carries flammable materials such as natural gas, this could and probably should be the deciding factor for you. As a non-ferrous substance, aluminium will be safer than steel in this respect.

Researching Ute Trays

Whatever your choice, it is important to get the most appropriate ute tray for your needs. Many companies will custom build a ute tray for your existing vehicle based upon your specific requirements. Make sure you leave space for a range of accessories such as ladders, a toolbox and a tow rope.


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