Saving Money on Your Businesses’ Transport Costs

If you’ve got to get your workers from A to B, or need to deliver products to your customers, then transport costs are likely to be a big chunk of your outgoings. Fuel prices are on the rise, and vehicles are becoming more expensive, meaning that you may find transport costs are eating into your profits. If you want to save money on business transport costs, the following tips will help you get your spending under control.

Use fuel efficiently

Businesses who offer a face-to-face service or a physical product can’t necessarily cut down on their number of journeys, but they can use fuel more efficiently by:

  • Planning routes to be more fuel efficient
  • Getting logistics advice
  • Ensuring vans and cars are regularly serviced to ensure efficiency
  • Making sure there are no wasted journeys, for example, people returning to the depot when they don’t need to

Using fuel more efficiently is great for your profits, but also ensures you’re doing your bit for the environment, so you can feel good about what you do.

Cut the cost of buying your vans

Buying new vans can be a big outlay, and it’s an area where you no doubt want to save money. However, buying second-hand vans can be a bit of a minefield, and opting for cheap models can be a false economy. You may want to look into alternatives to buying or leasing such as using subscription vans. This can be a good option for small businesses with occasional use needs, or businesses who have a whole fleet of vans, so it’s something that’s worth looking into and comparing the costs.

Allow remote working

Remote working is a good way to cut the amount of time your employees spend on the road. If you’re paying for company cars and paying people mileage just to go to the office or to meetings, consider switching to remote working and cutting down on these journeys. Your employees will no doubt be glad to avoid sitting in traffic all day.

Many businesses are in despair at fuel price rises, but there are usually ways you can cut down on these expenses. By making your business more efficient and ensuring you are paying less for your vehicles, you can cut your transport costs. Not only does that save you money, but you can also make your business greener, which is great for your public image and marketing.


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