Motorcycle Riding – Useful Tips to Make Each Journey Safer

We all know that motorbike riding comes with certain dangers, just like driving any vehicle on the road. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a novice, it is important to take safety seriously and be cautious when operating your bike. Motorbikes are a lot of fun to ride once you take the right precautions. Here are some tips to ensure you make each trip on the road as safe as possible.

Riding Gear

If you have just been approved for Yamaha motor finance in Australia and you have picked out the bike of your dreams off the lot, do not forget to invest in good quality riding gear before you take the new motor out for a spin.

Wearing T-shirts, shorts, and sandals is not the best idea when riding a bike. If you crash and you do not have protective gear, you can get seriously hurt. Invest in items that are designed for motorbike riding.

You should not be on a bike unless you have a:

  • Approved safety helmet
  • Gloves & boots
  • Jacket & pants

You can get seriously injured in an accident if you do not wear the right riding gear.

Be Defensive

No matter how good a rider you are, there will always be a bad driver on the road who can cause an accident. The best way to drive when you are on a bike is defensive, expect other drivers to make mistakes because most of the time they will. Use your mirrors, be aware of other drivers and expect them to do the unexpected.

Use Space

When riding in traffic, find areas that offer space and use it. It is best to stay away from large vehicles as sometimes it can be difficult for them to see motorbike riders. Do not ride along with the flow as it sometimes renders you invisible to other road users.

Quick Check

Before you get onto your bike, perform a quick check to see if everything is functioning properly. Walk around the bike and check to see if things like the horn, indicators, and lights are working.

In addition to the points made above, it is also best to avoid bad weather as much as possible. Bad weather can make roads impassable and slippery, causing havoc for motorbike riders. If you are a beginner, you may want to hone your skills on a riding course before you decide to hit the road. It is also wise to get motorbike insurance to make sure you are covered in the event that you get into an accident on the road.